Homeschooling Without Losing Your Mind

Are you losing your mind homeschooling your children?  Well, somedays you might think that statement is true. Take a deep breath – go ahead and do it right now – whew. Now lift up a short prayer, “Lord you are my strength and fortress, give me the patience and peace to know that you are in control.”

Now, take a moment and recall the day you decided to homeschool your children.  What was your motivation? Why were you convinced this was the right decision?  What were your hopes in making this commitment?  Did you jot down a vision statement or some goals you desired to accomplish?  Now would be a good time to reflect on these.

There could be multiple reasons that you think you are losing your mind as a homeschool parent.  Today we are looking at the overwhelming task of teaching multiple grades.  Rochelle Barlow from the blog “Christian Homeschool Moms” gives some tips on how to teach multiple grades without losing your mind. She suggests two options for teaching.  You could teach them all in a group for certain subjects and teach them individually in other subjects.  Rochelle takes the time to talk about teaching techniques for each situation, the benefits and the downsides.  She also has some great advice for how to deal with those younger, not in school yet, children that seem to be underfoot all the time.  Swing over to Rochelle’s article and comeback and let us know what you think.  Do you have other great ideas for not losing your mind?  Comment below!

Homeschooling one child is a challenge. Now throw in one or more into the mix and it’s a much bigger challenge. How are you supposed to get it all done without losing your mind? Or without sending them off to public school?



Love is Dangerous! Risk Required!

  Love is Dangerous!


     Risk Required!

To fully love, you must be fully known.

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